Burning Love Fetterbush

Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Burning Love'


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Burning Love Fetterbush
Burning Love Fetterbush
Burning Love Fetterbush
Burning Love Fetterbush

Burning Love Fetterbush

Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Burning Love'

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Member Price: $79.95

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The Burning Love Fetterbush (Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Burning Love') is an eye-catching and versatile evergreen shrub known for its vibrant foliage and elegant, arching habit. This attractive plant is an excellent choice for gardeners seeking a low-maintenance, shade-tolerant option that adds year-round color and interest to the landscape.

The Overall Plant

The Burning Love Fetterbush is a compact, evergreen shrub that typically grows to a height and spread of 2-3 feet, with a graceful, arching habit. This shade-loving plant is hardy in USDA zones 5-9, making it suitable for a wide range of climates. It thrives in moist, well-drained, acidic soils and prefers dappled or full shade for optimal growth. Once established, it requires minimal care, making it an ideal choice for gardeners looking for a low-maintenance option.

The Burning Love Fetterbush can be used in a variety of garden settings, including shaded borders, woodland gardens, or as an understory plant beneath trees and shrubs. Its compact size and arching habit make it an excellent choice for foundation plantings or as a low-growing hedge. It also pairs well with other shade-loving perennials, such as ferns and hostas, to create a lush and visually appealing garden composition.

The Foliage

One of the most notable features of the Burning Love Fetterbush is its striking foliage that offers year-round interest. The elongated, glossy leaves are dark green with vibrant red and burgundy tones, creating a dramatic contrast in the garden. During the colder months, the foliage takes on a deeper red hue, adding a touch of warm color to the winter landscape.

Although the Burning Love Fetterbush does not produce flowers, its stunning foliage and elegant form make it a valuable addition to the landscape, providing color, texture, and visual interest throughout the year.

Unique Features

In addition to its attractive foliage, the Burning Love Fetterbush is known for its versatility and adaptability. It can tolerate a range of soil conditions, including clay and sandy soils, as long as they are well-drained and acidic. Furthermore, it is deer-resistant, making it an excellent choice for gardens where deer browsing is a concern.

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Mature height: 2-3 ft.

Mature width: 2-3 ft.

Sunlight: Partial-Full Shade

Growth rate: Moderate

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 6-10