Red Buckeye

Aesculus pavia


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Red Buckeye
Red Buckeye
Red Buckeye
Red Buckeye

Red Buckeye

Aesculus pavia

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Member Price: $79.95

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The Red Buckeye (Aesculus pavia) is a native North American tree, prized for its spectacular springtime floral display and unique fruits. This small, deciduous tree is perfect for gardens and landscapes that require a focal point with a touch of natural charm.

The Overall Plant

The Red Buckeye is a relatively small tree, typically reaching a height of 15 to 20 feet with a spread of 15-30 feet. It thrives in USDA hardiness zones 6 to 9, making it suitable for a wide range of climates. This adaptable tree grows well in various soil types, including sandy, loamy, and clay soils, as long as they are well-drained.

The Red Buckeye features large, compound leaves, which consist of 5 to 7 leaflets, each measuring up to 6 inches in length. The leaves create a dense canopy, providing ample shade during the hot summer months. In fall, the foliage turns a beautiful shade of yellow, adding seasonal interest to the landscape.

The Flowers

One of the most attractive features of the Red Buckeye is its showy flowers. In spring, the tree produces upright clusters of tubular, red blooms that can reach up to 12 inches in length. The flowers are highly attractive to hummingbirds, making the Red Buckeye an excellent choice for gardeners who wish to create a wildlife-friendly landscape.

The spectacular floral display of the Red Buckeye typically begins in April, providing a burst of color before many other trees and shrubs come into bloom. This early-season flowering makes the Red Buckeye a valuable addition to any garden or landscape, as it provides visual interest during a time when many plants are still dormant.

The Fruit

Following the flowering period, the Red Buckeye produces smooth, round, brown fruits that are approximately 1 to 2 inches in diameter. These fruits, which are encased in a leathery husk, contain one to three shiny, dark brown seeds. While the seeds are toxic if ingested, they are an important food source for various wildlife species, including squirrels and deer.

The fruits of the Red Buckeye typically mature in late summer to early fall and can add an element of intrigue to the landscape. However, gardeners should be cautious when planting the tree in areas frequented by children or pets due to the seeds' toxicity.

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Mature height: 15-20 ft.

Mature width: 15-30 ft.

Sunlight: Full-Partial Sun

Growth rate: Moderate

Country of origin: North America

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 6-9