Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia

Magnolia virginiana 'Silver Mist'


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Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia
Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia
Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia

Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia

Magnolia virginiana 'Silver Mist'

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The Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia (Magnolia virginiana 'Silver Mist') is a small, elegant tree known for its fragrant flowers, unique foliage, and ornamental fruit. This variety of the Sweetbay Magnolia is particularly valued for its silver-backed leaves, which lend a shimmering quality to the tree.

The Overall Plant

The Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia is a deciduous or semi-evergreen tree, depending on the climate, with a mature height of 25 to 30 feet and a spread of 15 to 20 feet. It is well-suited to USDA hardiness zones 5 through 10 and thrives in moist, well-drained soils. This adaptable tree can be grown in full sun to partial shade and is tolerant of wet and boggy conditions, making it an excellent choice for planting near water features or in damp areas of the garden. With its compact size and graceful, upright form, the Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia is an ideal choice for small gardens, woodland settings, or as a specimen tree.

The Flowers

The Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia is celebrated for its stunning, fragrant flowers. In late spring and early summer, the tree produces creamy-white, cup-shaped blooms that measure 2 to 3 inches across. These flowers emit a captivating, lemony fragrance that attracts pollinators and fills the garden with a delightful scent. The blossoms stand out against the tree's lush, green foliage, creating a visually striking display that adds beauty and interest to the landscape.

The Foliage

One of the most distinctive features of the Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia is its unique, two-toned foliage. The tree's glossy, dark green leaves are up to 5 inches long, with a distinctive silvery-white underside. This contrast in color gives the foliage a shimmering, almost iridescent appearance, particularly when rustled by a breeze. The tree's attractive foliage provides a lovely backdrop for its fragrant flowers and ornamental fruit, as well as offering an interesting visual element throughout the growing season.

The Fruit

Following the bloom period, the Silver Mist Sweetbay Magnolia produces small, cone-like fruit clusters that mature to a bright red color in late summer and early fall. The fruit opens to reveal shiny, red seeds, which are an important food source for birds and other wildlife. Although the fruit is not considered edible for humans, it adds another layer of interest and beauty to the tree, particularly when contrasted against its striking foliage.

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Mature height: 25-30 ft.

Mature width: 15-20 ft.

Sunlight: Full-Partial Sun

Growth rate: Moderate

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 5-10