Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis


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Eastern Redbud
Eastern Redbud
Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis

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The Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) is a beloved small, deciduous tree native to the eastern United States. Known for its striking pink to lavender flowers and heart-shaped leaves, the Eastern Redbud is a popular ornamental tree that adds color and interest to gardens, parks, and landscapes.

The Overall Plant

The Eastern Redbud is a versatile tree that typically grows to a height of 20-30 feet with a similar spread. Hardy in USDA zones 4-9, it prefers well-drained soils and full sun to partial shade. The tree is relatively low-maintenance and adapts well to various soil types, making it a popular choice for urban and suburban landscapes. The Eastern Redbud is often used as a specimen tree, in small groupings, or as an understory tree in woodland settings, offering multi-season interest with its flowers, foliage, and attractive winter branching.

The Flowers

One of the most captivating features of the Eastern Redbud is its profusion of pink to lavender flowers that appear in early spring before the leaves emerge. The pea-like flowers bloom directly on the branches and trunk in clusters, creating a spectacular floral display that lasts for several weeks. These vibrant blossoms are not only a visual delight but also serve as an early-season nectar source for pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.

The Foliage

After the floral display, the Eastern Redbud produces an abundance of dark green, heart-shaped leaves that provide a dense canopy of shade throughout the summer. In the fall, the foliage transitions to a lovely yellow color, adding another layer of seasonal interest to the tree. The unique shape and texture of the leaves make the Eastern Redbud an attractive addition to the landscape, even when it is not in bloom.

The Fruit

Following the flowering season, the Eastern Redbud produces slender, flat, brown seedpods that are 2-4 inches long. These seedpods persist on the tree through the winter months, providing visual interest and a food source for various wildlife species, including birds and small mammals.

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Mature height: 20-30 ft.

Mature width: 30 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Growth rate: Moderate

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 4-9