Heart Throb Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Heart Throb'


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Heart Throb Hydrangea
Heart Throb Hydrangea
Heart Throb Hydrangea

Heart Throb Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Heart Throb'

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The Heart Throb Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla 'Heart Throb') is a captivating deciduous shrub prized for its bold, eye-catching blooms and graceful green foliage. This stunning plant adds a touch of romance and drama to any garden or landscape, making it a favorite among garden enthusiasts who appreciate unique and striking floral displays.

The Overall Plant

The Heart Throb Hydrangea is a medium-sized shrub that typically grows to a height and width of 4-6 feet, making it suitable for borders, hedges, or as a focal point in the garden. It flourishes in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 9 and prefers well-draining, consistently moist soil. This hydrangea variety thrives in part shade, with protection from harsh afternoon sunlight to prevent leaf scorch.

With its dense branching and rounded growth habit, the Heart Throb Hydrangea creates a visually appealing presence in the garden. Its adaptable size and stunning appearance make it a versatile choice for a range of landscape applications, from mixed borders to foundation plantings.

The Flowers

The most striking feature of the Heart Throb Hydrangea is its large, vibrant flower clusters that boast deep red to purplish hues. The color intensity of the blooms can vary depending on the soil's pH level, with more acidic soil producing deeper colors. The blooms appear in summer and continue through fall, providing a long-lasting and dynamic display of color.

Each flower cluster consists of an array of both showy, sterile florets and smaller, fertile flowers, creating a full and lush appearance. The deep color of the outer florets contrasts beautifully with the lighter, central fertile flowers, adding depth and dimension to the floral display.

The Foliage

In addition to its stunning blooms, the Heart Throb Hydrangea showcases elegant, deep green foliage that provides a contrasting backdrop for the colorful flowers. The leaves are large, ovate, and serrated, with a slightly glossy appearance. The foliage remains healthy and vibrant throughout the growing season, contributing texture and visual interest to the garden even when the plant is not in bloom.

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Mature height: 4-6 ft.

Mature width: 4-6 ft.

Sunlight: Partial-Full Shade

Growth rate: Moderate

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 5-9