Kashmir Rose

Rosa damascena 'Kashmir'


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Kashmir Rose
Kashmir Rose
Kashmir Rose
Kashmir Rose

Kashmir Rose

Rosa damascena 'Kashmir'

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Member Price: $79.95

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The Kashmir Rose (Rosa damascena 'Kashmir') is a captivating and fragrant rose variety that enchants gardeners and rose enthusiasts alike with its exquisite blooms and strong, alluring scent. This perennial plant offers abundant, lush flowers that are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere in your garden or as cut flowers in your home.

The Overall Plant

Kashmir Rose is a deciduous shrub that grows to a height of approximately 3-4 feet and spreads 2-3 feet wide, making it suitable for mixed borders, rose gardens, or as a stand-alone specimen. This rose variety is hardy in USDA zones 4-9 and thrives in well-draining, fertile soil with regular watering. The plant prefers full sun to light shade, and adequate sunlight is essential for the abundant production of flowers. With proper care and regular pruning, the Kashmir Rose rewards gardeners with a magnificent display of blooms and a captivating fragrance.

The Flowers

The true allure of the Kashmir Rose lies in its stunning flowers. The blooms are large, double, and densely packed with velvety, deep red petals that create a luxurious appearance. Each flower can reach up to 4 inches in diameter, and the petals have a beautiful, natural sheen that makes them look almost unreal. The Kashmir Rose typically blooms from late spring to early summer, with the possibility of a second flush of flowers in the fall.

The fragrance of the Kashmir Rose is one of its most exceptional features. The scent is intense, rich, and sweet, with notes of honey and damask rose. This captivating aroma can fill the air around the plant, making it an excellent choice for planting near patios, walkways, or seating areas where the fragrance can be fully appreciated. The flowers also make outstanding cut flowers, allowing you to bring their beauty and fragrance indoors.

Care & Guarantee

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Mature height: 3-4 ft.

Mature width: 2-3 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Growth rate: Moderate

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 4-9