Sunburst Boxwood

Buxus sempervirens 'Sunburst'


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Sunburst Boxwood
Sunburst Boxwood

Sunburst Boxwood

Buxus sempervirens 'Sunburst'

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Member Price: $79.95

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The Sunburst Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens 'Sunburst') is an attractive, versatile, and hardy evergreen shrub known for its vibrant foliage and easy-to-maintain growth habit. This boxwood variety is an excellent choice for gardens that require a pop of color throughout the year and is perfect for use in formal and informal landscaping designs. In this article, we will discuss the key features of the Sunburst Boxwood, including its overall growth habit and striking foliage.

The Overall Plant

The Sunburst Boxwood is a compact, slow-growing evergreen shrub that typically reaches a height of 2 to 3 feet and a width of 1 to 2 feet. It is hardy in USDA zones 5 through 9 and thrives in a wide range of soil types, including clay, loamy, and sandy soils. This adaptable plant can tolerate full sun to partial shade conditions, making it a versatile choice for various landscape applications.

The Sunburst Boxwood is an excellent choice for creating low hedges, borders, or as a standalone focal point in the garden. Its dense growth habit and ability to be pruned into various shapes make it a popular choice for topiary and formal gardens. The plant's compact size and low-maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for urban gardens, container planting, or mixed borders.

The Foliage

One of the main attractions of the Sunburst Boxwood is its eye-catching foliage. The plant features small, glossy leaves that display a unique variegated pattern. The leaves have a bright green center surrounded by a contrasting, golden-yellow margin. This vibrant foliage provides year-round interest in the garden, as the color persists even during the winter months.

The Sunburst Boxwood's foliage is not only visually appealing but also practical in its use. The dense growth habit and evergreen nature of the plant make it an excellent choice for creating privacy screens or windbreaks in your landscape. The foliage can also be used in floral arrangements, providing a pop of color and texture to your designs.

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Mature height: 2-3 ft.

Mature width: 1-2 ft.

Sunlight: Full-Partial Sun

Growth rate: Slow

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 5-9