Sunset Horizon Rose

Rosa 'Sunset Horizon'


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Sunset Horizon Rose
Sunset Horizon Rose
Sunset Horizon Rose

Sunset Horizon Rose

Rosa 'Sunset Horizon'

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Member Price: $39.95

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The Sunset Horizon Rose (Rosa 'Sunset Horizon') is a captivating floribunda rose cultivar known for its vibrant colors and prolific blooming. This stunning rose variety is a popular choice for gardeners seeking a unique and eye-catching rose to add to their landscape.

The Overall Plant

The Sunset Horizon Rose is a compact, deciduous shrub that typically grows to a height of 3 to 4 feet and spreads approximately 2 to 3 feet wide. This floribunda rose is well-suited for small gardens, mixed borders, and containers. Its medium green, glossy foliage provides a lovely backdrop for the vibrant blooms. The Sunset Horizon Rose is known for its hardiness and disease resistance, making it a reliable and low-maintenance choice for gardeners.

The Flowers

The Sunset Horizon Rose produces generous clusters of semi-double to double blooms in a striking blend of orange, yellow, and pink hues, reminiscent of a vibrant sunset. Each bloom measures around 3 to 4 inches in diameter and features 25 to 30 petals. The flowers emit a light, sweet fragrance that adds to the overall appeal of this rose cultivar. The Sunset Horizon Rose blooms prolifically from late spring to early fall, providing a long-lasting and colorful display in your garden. Its flowers are also suitable for cutting, allowing you to create beautiful floral arrangements to enjoy indoors.

The Fruit

Following the blooming season, the Sunset Horizon Rose may produce small, inconspicuous rose hips. While not as decorative as those found on some other rose varieties, these fruits can add a subtle touch of interest to the plant during the fall and winter months. The rose hips also serve as a food source for birds and other wildlife, contributing to the overall biodiversity of your garden.

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Mature height: 3-4 ft.

Mature width: 2-3 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Growth rate: Moderate

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 5-10