Taylor Juniper

Juniperus virginiana 'Taylor'


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Taylor Juniper
Taylor Juniper
Taylor Juniper
Taylor Juniper

Taylor Juniper

Juniperus virginiana 'Taylor'

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Member Price: $109.95

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Taylor Juniper (Juniperus virginiana 'Taylor') is a tall, columnar evergreen tree known for its slender form and attractive foliage. This easy-to-grow plant adds vertical interest to landscapes and serves as an excellent choice for privacy screens, windbreaks, and specimen plantings.

The Overall Plant

Taylor Juniper is a cultivar of the eastern red cedar native to North America. It reaches a height of 15 to 20 feet and has a narrow width of 3 to 4 feet, making it an ideal option for smaller spaces where a vertical element is desired. The tree is hardy in USDA zones 3 to 9, and it thrives in a variety of soil types, including clay, loam, and sandy soils. Taylor Juniper is tolerant of drought, salt spray, and urban pollution, making it a versatile choice for various landscape applications.

The Foliage

One of the most attractive features of Taylor Juniper is its striking foliage. The tree's dense, scale-like leaves are blue-green in color, offering year-round visual interest. The leaves remain on the tree throughout the winter, providing valuable shelter for birds and other wildlife. The foliage also releases a pleasant, slightly spicy fragrance when crushed, adding a subtle aromatic element to your garden.

The Fruit

Although Taylor Juniper is a predominantly male cultivar and does not produce significant fruit, female plants may occasionally develop small, berry-like cones. These blueish-purple cones, measuring about 1/4 inch in diameter, add further interest to the plant and serve as a food source for various bird species. Please note that the fruit is not edible for humans and may cause digestive upset if ingested.

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Mature height: 15-20 ft.

Mature width: 3-4 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Growth rate: Moderate

Growing zones:

Outdoor: 3-9